Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the life :: Wednesday

Photo count for the day: 166

7:15 Aaron is out of bed and GRUMPY!

9:53 Snack #3 - Cheese!

...followed by a bananna. This kid really packs it away in the mornings.

11:09 Coloring. "It a picture for my grandma," he said. And only a little marker ended up on his sister. Do you see it there on her left cheek? :-)

1:20 Aaron is napping and mama is working, so Susannah hangs out in the swing for a bit.

4:10 Finally in the car, headed to Crystal Lake. I assure you, this was taken at a stoplight.

4:42 First stop in CL is the chiropractor for our weekly adjustments. Aaron loves the toys.

4:54 Dr. Derek checks Susannah out...

4:58 Aaron's turn...

5:01 finally mama's turn. "This is the best you've looked in several weeks," said Dr. D.

5:20 Stop #2 was to help the Hoon family move out of their CL home and into a temporary condo while they build a house in Elgin. The camera didn't come out too much (I was distracted by the chaos of all these kids running around!). But I did manage to snap one of these four little boys before we left.  Kicking myself that I didn't snap a few of all of them in the cab of the moving truck. Horn honking, turn signals clicking, wipers swishing... the whole shebang.

8:30 finally back home, getting ready for bed.

8:42 Story time

9:02 Still work to do. Mike started a load of laundry without me even knowing it, then tackled the dishes. He's a keeper. :-)

Thoughts for today:
I'm beginning to see a pattern to our days, where before this project I thought there was none. We basically have one outing per day. Sometimes it's the mornings that were home, sometimes the afternoons, but hardly ever both. Home time means mama is working,  and today was no exception - there was a lot of blogging, emailing, photo editing, tech-support calling to be done. I'm so thankful that my children are good at entertaining themselves (with occasional help from the Disney channel!), and that I'm able to get my work done from home. There's no where else I'd rather be!!


Rebecca said...

This is so great! I'm really enjoying your daily posts and getting a peek into the Sharp household happenings. :)

Janny said...

Loving your week. I honestly didn't notice the clutter until you pointed it out. Just enjoyed the pics of your day and your wonderful family. Actually I think we are all too sensitive about our clutter. Life is too important to worry about it. Your house looks perfectly normal for a happy family raising two little ones! Keep up the good work!