Monday, March 23, 2009

1 1/2!

Today is Aaron's half birthday! Yippee!!!

We didn't do much to celebrate (in fact, I just realized I haven't even taken a picture of him today, so I'm running up to the tub right now to catch one...) but there were a few sweet moments that make me want to bottle this kid up and keep him for a while. We just finished a family dance party to his favorite Wiggleworms CD, and I love seeing him bop his little body to the beat.

It's absolutely impossible to catalog all the ways he's grown in this past month. His vocabulary has just exploded! The past few days alone have brought new words like purple and bike to the long list. Ice, apple, blankie, shoes, and water all new additions this month, too. I can't even think of all the words he knows, there's just so many. He's also acquired a good many new teeth. All four molars made their appearance this month, as well as his two upper I-teeth. There are a few following close behind, so I'm hoping the worst of teething is getting behind us. He's weathered the discomfort fairly well. To top it all off, he's growing like a weed. We bought a new pair of shoes for him, and I was shocked to have to purchase a size 7 already. The sandals I tucked away for this summer are 71/2. He's going to be a tall one if his feet are any indication!

I love his giggles when Daddy comes come from work and gives a good tickle.

I love that everything can become a hat with enough imagination. Plastic lids, shoes, blankets, and books have all been recent props. It's the beginning of his sense of humor, and he knows it. The smile as he says "hat" lights up the room.

I do not love that he wakes up 2-3 times in the middle of the night, but it is mildly amusing that he'll now call out for me, then ask for "Dada" once I go in to hug him. And if Mike goes in, he wants "Mama." The manipulation attempts have begun. :-)

His innocence and affection are astounding. To watch him discover something new is to discover it again for yourself.

Today I asked him to say "I love you," and he blew me a kiss.

Aaron, you're our sweet little big boy, and it's such a joy to watch you grow and learn. We love you so much!

(wow, lot's of bath pictures this month, too. :-)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aaron the Supermodel!

Many of you know that I signed Aaron with a talent agency over a year ago. After submitting photos, taking him downtown for an audition, etc, etc... we never heard from them again. I had written the whole thing off until recently, when the phone rang and they wondered if Aaron was available. Yipee, his first shoot!!!

Wanna see the results?

Sunday, March 15, 2009


A recent conversation

Aaron (looking at a scab on Mike's thumb): What is that?
Daddy: An ouchie. Can you say ouchie?
Aaron: What is that?
Daddy: Ouchie.
Aaron: What is that?
Mama: Let's try something different... it's a boo-boo. Can you say boo-boo?
Aaron (covers his eyes with his hands, then quickly pulls them away): Boo!