Monday, July 27, 2009

Do you get excited by mail? We do!

Mail is a very exciting part of our day. Aaron gets quite upset if I make a trip to the mailbox without him, and he's a great helper, carrying all the junk mail back into the house for me. Today's mail was particularly exciting, since three packages arrived on our doorstep.

What could be in there? Lots of good stuff:

Aren't these cute? I won a contest on Glimpse last week, and got to choose my favorite pair of Jack and Lily shoes. I didn't expect them to arrive so quickly, or to be such great quality. Thanks, Glimpse!

Second package opened was this:

I've been researching diapers for a long time now, checking out all the deals on eBay and These are Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers, for those who are wondering, and I bought 6 mediums. I am a big fan of one-size diapers, and did order 12 FB one-size, which should arrive next week. But this print isn't available in the OS, and I just couldn't pass up the deal. Hello, pink!

At this point in the mail opening, Aaron thought I was going too slow, so he grabbed the scissors and tried opening box #3 himself. Here's what we found inside:

More diapers! This is our stash of newborn prefolds, which I picked up on for about $1 each. One size diapers are usually too big for newborns, so these will be our supply until baby girl packs on a few pounds. Who knew diapers were so exciting, right?

Of course, playing with the boxes was Aaron's favorite part of the whole process. He promptly made a boat out of the biggest one, and made "Toot, toot" boat noises while I examined my treasures.

You have to admit, this does make mail pretty exciting. :-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vote for Aaron's messy face!

We usually don't enter cute baby photo contests, but the prize for this one caught my attention. $1000 gift card to one of my favorite photo equipment suppliers always comes in handy, right? :-) So I searched my photo archives and entered Aaron's messy face in the Messy Baby Faces Contest. Now we need your help. Would you take a minute to vote for us? His entry is here and you can vote once per day until the end of the month. Thanks!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aaron's "Mowmower"

This is what it looked like the last time Aaron helped Daddy cut the grass.

A lot has changed since then, but A's enthusiasm for helping with chores has not. Any time he hears a lawnmower engine whirring somewhere in the neighborhood, he'll look at me quizzically and ask, "Dada... mowmower?" So when Dad pulled the lawnmower out of the garage yesterday, Aaron was just too excited - and Dad thought it was too cute to say no when Aaron wouldn't stop being helpful. They cut the whole front yard together...