Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the life :: Saturday

7:20 The day begins with the boys in the kitchen

Fueling up with food (some for the body, some for the soul)

8:25 Saturday morning chores: bill paying, inbox emptying

10:02 While Mike and Aaron are at the dentist, I take Susannah's 5 month portraits. After the shoot, she showed me her new trick - rolling over in the bouncer. Note to self: start buckling her in!

11:58 off to have lunch with the Anderson's, but must first get through a HUGE meltdown from Aaron. He wanted to wear short, then pants, then shorts again. Notice the lack of any clothing on his lower half - we just threw him in the car and sorted it all out later.

12:40 The farewell feast! Our dear friends are heading west for the entire month of May. {frown}

1:58 James performed a recital for us. My favorite was "Song of the Wind."

2:50 Other kid's toys are always more interesting.

3:01 Cartoon watching.

3:25 All four of us!

4:13 The drive home takes about seven minutes, but that was long enough for the start of a good snooze.

4:50 Packing the camera bag for a session. I left the kiddos home with Mike. How strange to be out in public without a baby!

7:17 I arrive home to find neighbor Tyler in for a playdate. Looks like everything is under control in my absence.

7:25 Aaron loves him some Daddy.

7:41 and so does Susannah. Time for a diaper change and jammies.

7:45 A creative self-portrait

8:00 Tired baby, tired Mama.

Saturday is probably Aaron's favorite day of the week, because Daddy doesn't have to go to work. For 48 hours, he's a real daddy's boy (and I don't mind that one bit!). Today was busier than the pictures may show: dentist appointment, lunch with friends, a late afternoon work appointment... but I love the way we all work together to pull it off.

One more day to go in this week of our life...

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Rebecca said...

10:02 - hilarious!! Won't be long, she'll be into everything!!
4:50 - CUTE shirt!!!

Can't wait to see the Sunday finale. :)