Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the life :: Monday

I'm participating in the Week In The Life documentary project over at Ali Edward's. It's an attempt to capture the ordinary, everydayness of life, with a cool time capsule of a book as the finished product. I'll be posting some of my raw data this week, then some of the finished book pages next week (or as I get them done).

184. The number of photos I took on Monday. Sheesh. These are straight out of my camera, so there's a lot of cropping, color correcting, and choosing to do. That'll come next week...

7:30 Indoor baseball. Wearing his baseball jammies and Cubs hat, of course.

11:20 Susannah wakes up from her nap. "I'll get her" Aaron says. And he does.

11:45 "Can we play with ABC?" He means ET. And that firehat is getting a lot of wear these days.

12:00 Lunch. With lots of funny scrunchy faces.

2:30pm While Aaron naps and mama works, Susannah entertains herself.

4:00pm Trying to get ready to go to the store. "Where are your socks, Aaron?"
"These are my GLOVES!"

4:10 Finally  in the car. Here we come, Aldi!

5:20 Home from shopping. Aaron helps bring in the garbage cans.

6:50 Checking email with baby.

7:30 How else am I going to be in any of these photos? This was an outfit that I actally felt pretty good in. A welcome occurance.

7:45 Dad had stopped in for dinner between trips to Florida. So great to have him here!

8:00 past bedtime, but helping mama make muffins for tomorrow's bible study.

A very good day, all in all! Though I'm trying to capture the routine of our life, I can already see that today was anything but. And when I think about it, lots of days are like this. We fudge nap and bed times, we have unexpected visitors, and make last-minute trips to the store. We're not organized at all, but somehow it all works.

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maryrudolph said...

What a great idea! I might copy you! How easy it is to take the normal everyday events for granted. In 10 years, this will all be a blur, so what a great way to be able to look back (and smile :)