Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the life :: Sunday

Last day! I know my family is thrilled that the week is coming to an end, as they're a little sick of having a lens constantly in their faces. "I can't wait for today to be over," Mike grumped at the breakfast table. He ended up taking quite a few photos as the day went on, but his motivation was likely revenge. I'll admit taking a photo of him in the shower might have been a little over the top. :-)

Mike was up and out of bed already when Susannah woke up at 6:30, so he took her for a bit so I could catch a few wore winks. I didn't hear Aaron wake up about a half hour later, but the story goes like this: Mike scoops Aaron out of his crib, grabs a diaper and change of clothes plus a jacket, and throws both kids in the back of the van, where they get dressed. Then Mike leaves the kids in the car ("look out for your sister," he instructed Aaron) and sneaks back inside to grab breakfast snacks. I woke up at 7:45 to an empty house and a note saying they all went for a morning walk. "I went for a walk and saw bird poop!" Aaron shouted as he darted in the door. What an adventure!

8:12 Still not quite awake.

Breakfast. "I made them yummy for you," proclaimed Aaron. He LOVES helping Daddy in the kitchen.

8:43 A little guitar playing before getting ready for church.

9:19 Bath

9:38 Brushing teeth. So glad there aren't photos of the adults running around like crazies to get out the door. Sunday mornings are challenging!

10:52 On morning when Mike is ushering, Susannah gets to sing in the choir with me. Look closely for the green ring sling (I'm fourth in from the right).

12:25 On the way home

12:36 After asking three times at church to take his shirt off, he finally gets permission at home. The gun show begins.

12:48 The monthly measure.  "I'm as tall as an elephant," he says. :-)

1:19 Lovin' each other.

4:51 Post-nap cuddles with dad. The kids slept a LONG time today. Hooray for sleepy Sundays!!!

5:07 With both awake, it's picture time! Susannah's 5 month portraits are a bit overdue, as usual. These pics will be a blog post for another day.

5:57 Dinner prep.

6:16 Grilling burgers in the rain.

and afternoon calls to my BFF.

6:47 "It's bird seed. I'm a pretend bird. I'm eating seeds," little man kept saying. Really, it was Quinoa. But he did kinda eat like a bird.

7:23 Bath time for missy miss.

7:26 Could she be any cuter?

7:52 Story time. Goodnight!

After more laundry and kitchen cleanup, grownups were going to be, too. I woke up to a crying baby at 11:50 (and she cried for a solid hour, no matter how I tried to help her), so I saw the clock tick across midnight, ending my week in the life. I'm so glad I took on this project. And now comes the fun part: putting my book together. Finished pages coming soon!

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Rebecca said...

11:36 LOL!
6:16 :)
6:47 I heart quinoa.
7:26 I'm in this one, too!! (kindof) That makes today my favorite. :)