Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the life :: Tuesday

Day 2. 177 photos. And my birthday!! (not telling how old I am!)

7:15 kiddos awake! everybody is poopy. :-(

7:20 poop requires a bath!

9:00 Tuesday mornings are a crazy rush to get out the door to my bible study group. Kay C. takes care of kiddos while we ladies study. I love how much she loves our kids!

Bible study books

12:30 LeAnn comes by for a birthday lunch. What a great surprise!

1:30 finally getting Aaron down for a nap

1:40 and little missy needs another diaper change.

5:45 Daddy is home for some playtime! And he shows me how Susannah can sit by herself for a really short time. I had NO IDEA she could do this!!!

6:00 the boys disappeared upstairs for birthday gift wrapping, and Aaron makes a special project for me. Yes, it's wrapping paper with random cuts and bits of tape. But he's so proud to give it to me. I LOVE IT!

6:15 singing happy birthday to mama, and trying to keep Aaron from blowing out the candles

6:30 Chipoltle for dinner.

7:30 a post-dinner family walk. Aaron ran most of the time.

7:37 My absolute favorite picture of the day. :-)

8:15 home for present opening. I had a "helper."

8:18 Aaron took this one of us.

8:30 Getting ready for bed, and none too happy about it.

Grateful, blessed, loved.... all good words for today. Birthdays have a way of making me take stock, and when I look around, I just want to scream "I LOVE MY LIFE!" I love all it's messiness, the wonderful friends at church, the kid cuddles, the goofy little presents Aaron gives to me, the family time together, ALL OF IT! My heart is full after a wonderfully ordinary day. 

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Jo Voelker said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!