Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the life :: Thursday

I felt myself loosing a little steam on this project today. I had to keep reminding myself to pick up the camera, and I always had the "didn't I already photograph this?" feeling. Surprisingly, it the highest photo count so far: 223 (with a little help from Aaron, who is catching on to the constant picture taking and wants to do his share).

6:13 Susannah decides it's a good time to be awake. Mike hasn't left for work yet, so I take her downstairs to hang with him while I try to go back to sleep. Without success. Good morning!

6:33 Aaron is awake, and we hear him talking to his stuffed kitty cat. "Happy see me?" he asks Spice. Daddy and Zannah head up to say hello. The kids were THRILLED to have a little daddy time this morning. It's a rare treat.

9:38 Aaron gets dressed. "This is a pirate t-shirt!" he says about the navy tee that says IRISH and has a orange and green crest on the front. Look at him checkin' himself out.

10:22 Cuddles on the couch. So sweet!

10:55 What Daddy does all day.

11:21 Aaron eats a brown crayon. I have no photos of this because I was too angry, and it's really hard to convince a child that his behavior is unacceptable when you're snapping photos of it and putting it in the family scrapbook

11:40 He must be hungry, so we make some lunch.

2:40 Hanging diapers out to dry. So thankful for the warmer weather that allows outdoor drying!

3:30 Playtime with a naked baby.

4:17 Nursing, which makes me sit quietly for a few minutes every now and then. Also, really hard to take a pic of yourself doing this!

4:59 Cooking dinner. Aaron takes his play food and heads to the crock pot (which needs to be put away in the closet, but is, for now, sitting on the dining room floor). "Be careful, Mama, cooking," he calls. "Don't be messy!"

5:15 Ready for the oven.

5:20 While dinner is cooking and Susannah is napping, Aaron and I head out to the backyard. Our neighbor's tree is in it's full glory.

5:52 Neighbor comes out on his deck to grill, and Aaron calls up to him "My mom is making broccoli!"

His favorite sport: hill running.

6:10 Mike puts on his play clothes and takes Aaron for a spin.

6:18 "Dear God, thank you for family and for food and for broccoli and for mama and for mama's chicken and for my drink..."

6:27 Susannah wakes from a super long nap. She cries until Aaron smiles at her.

6:30 A little toe nail clipping at the dinner table

6:34 And it's all downhill from here. Aaron had a meltdown over eating the chicken, requiring three time-outs and several swats. I headed out to choir rehearsal at church, and Mike took the kids outside before bed. "This photo," he said later, showing me the few he took, "represents the evening perfectly." I guess everything was a struggle with the little guy. When I called at 8:33 to say I was on my way home, Mike had just gotten him in bed and sounded SO relieved. On a positive note, Susannah was a perfect angel. This was the first Thursday evening that I haven't taken her to choir with me. And I came home to find the family room vaccummed. Lovely!

Thoughts on today: 
After all the running around we did yesterday, it was really nice to stay home all day. One thing that really stands out to me as I look at my photos from today is all the CLUTTER. It's everywhere!!! Being the creative, laid back type that I am, I honestly don't see it on a daily basis. But there's something about pictures that brings things into new focus. So while the rest of this week is a little too busy for any serious de-cluttering, it might be my project for next week.  The quote on page seven of this month's Scrapbooks Etc. magazine was just for me: "Life is too short to spend it making the bed. Leave the mess and make a memory instead."


Sittintall said...

I too have really enjoyed reading about the Sharp's daily routine. So often we read/write about the positive things in our life and get a squewed view of reality. Sorry that you had a rough evening, but glad to hear that I'm not the only one with kids having multiple time outs and frustration.

And don't worry about your house so much. You are a very creative person and are spending quality time with your kiddos.

PS Looks like you have a great keeper in a hubby. What a gem for helping out so much.

Rebecca said...

Another fun post, thanks for sharing your "week in the life"!
I think when you look at today's photos in a couple of years, you will remember that Aaron was definitely "acting his age" - he is every bit of 2 years old, isn't he?