Monday, April 19, 2010

Susannah update :: 4 months

Must hurry up and post this, since tomorrow she turns 5 months! Better late than never, right?

This fourth month brought such big changes in this little girl: she rolled over for the first time (and is now a champ at it), she started to giggle (mainly at Aaron's antics), and she's so much more interactive (with people, toys, etc.).  She's really becoming a little person now, and it's fun to watch this baby become.

Here are the official portraits:

Four months old! It’s been a month of firsts for you: first giggles (music to my ears), first roll over from back to front (where you then get stuck and cry for help). You’re so perfectly round, so perfectly smiley, and just the best little thing to cuddle. {hug}

A Happy Heart by Cheeky Monkey
photography by Sharp Images (of course!)

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Sittintall said...

What a cutie. She's beautiful.