Friday, March 19, 2010

Six years ago today... was another beautiful, sunny, Friday.  Despite the fact that it had snowed Monday through Thursday, I awoke that morning to blue skies and 65 degree temperatures.

...I wore the most beautiful dress ever, for a very special date with a very handsome man.

...we rode down Rt. 53 in a 1947 Mercedes, on our way to the biggest party we'd ever thrown. 

...we promised God and one another that we'd stick together for life, come what may.

It seems impossible that it's been six years already since that magic day, but I know we're only getting started. Some days are better than others, but, as one friend has said about us, we're climbing mountains together.

Thank you, Mike, for being the friend of my life. Happy Anniversary!

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Rebecca said...

Ahhhh, good memories!! Congratulations, Sharps!!!