Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our visit to the Shedd

Oh, our good friends, the Andersons! They have memberships to all kinds of wonderful places, and they always get the upgraded kind where you can bring friends. So lucky for us!!

Last Thursday 3/4 of our family piled into their van (sorry, Daddy, someone has to go to work!), and chugged downtown to see the "big fish." It's been more than 10 years since my last visit to the Aquarium, and so many great changes have taken place.  We saw old favorites like the giant Carribean Reef tank, complete with live diver, plus a lot of new things: the Beluga wales and their brand new baby calf; the multimedia show Fantasea, which featured dolphins, penguins, wales, and a flying boat; and the Polar play are, where Aaron dressed up like a little penguin and had a blast climbing up and sliding down the "rocks."

I actually remembered to pull my camera out of the bag and snap a few frames.  Here's the page that's going into our family scrapbook:

We'll definitely be making another visit sometime soon, and we all agree that next time we should bring our own "big fish" (aka Daddy :-)

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Rebecca said...

Excellent scrap-blogging! Looks like a lot of fun!