Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Refuse To Say Cheese

Winter is a very administrative time for our business. While the summer is full of weddings and events, the winter is the time when I'm busy making albums, updating our website and marketing materials, and sharpening my photography skills. So when two new photography DVDs arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, I couldn't resist popping one in right away. Of course, the next thing I had to do was pick up my camera and do some experimenting. Luckily, I have an available subject. :-) Enjoy our results!


Michael said...

I do not say it often enough, but you are a great photographer!
Love, Mike

maryrudolph said...

I'm amazed at how good you can make a crying kid look. My crying pictures never look like that!

Christina said...

Who knew you had a blog. I am actually thinking of going to blogspot, but for now I stay at Xanga. Anyway, the polka dot is actually a whamie. I am trying it b/c it seems to run a bit bigger so I will use it for Olivia at night. The BG works right now for her at night with an extra insert, but not for long due to size. We will see :)