Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Aaron was supposed to be sleeping as we rang in 2009 with at friends Lou and Ann's house, but with half a dozen screaming children running around, I think he sensed he was missing out on the party. When he woke at 11:oo pm and refused to go back to sleep, I was secretly smiling that I'd get to kiss both my boys as the clock struck midnight. :-)

Okay, I'm awake.... where's the party?

Daddy cuddles before the big countdown

Mama makes sure she gets a hug, too.

First kiss of 2009!

All the kids got a big kick out of the poppers and fireworks that Lou set off. Aaron made this face over and over, saying "Boom, Boom!"

Happy New Year from our family. Wishing you a healthy and blessed 2009.

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