Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Bath to Remember

There are so many other things I should be blogging about (Christmas and New Year celebrations, our trip to California... I'm so behind!), but there's been a decided lack of motivation to do any writing lately. Until tonight's bath. Bath time is usually Daddy's domain, but since he's away tonight, the job fell to me. It's possible that the two particular things that happened are regular occurrences for our A-man, but since I've never seen them before, I found them particularly funny.

Funny #1:
Tub is full of water and faucet has been turned off. After a few minutes of washing and play, Aaron discovers the drain. He lifts the plug, letting some of the water out. "Don't let all your water out," I say to him, "you won't have anything to play in." He considers this for a moment, and continues to lift the plug, put it back, lift the plug, put it back.... He's let a good bit of the water out by now, and he's not too happy about this. He gives me his best puppy dog eyes, touches his hand to the spout, and makes the sign for please (flat palm making small circles on the chest, but with Aaron, looks more like scratching his armpit :-). I say no, he say's please again. And again. It's a conversation! And a darn cute one, at that.

Funny #2:
Aaron flops onto his belly, pushes himself backwards until his feet can touch the back wall of the tub, then pushes off with all he's got. Small wet body then wiggles, kicks, and slides his way to opposite tub wall, where he uses hands to again push backwards. Repeat this back and forth "swimming" about a hundred times. Add in a few sideways grins at mom, just to make sure she's watching the show.

Yes, these are small moments in the life of Aaron. Not major milestones. Not great accomplishments. But they do capture a sliver of his personality and sense of humor, and they are moments I wanted to tuck away somewhere so I'll still have them when he's too big to flop on his belly in the bath tub.

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