Monday, January 21, 2008

Our little giggler

I'm not vain, really. And to prove it, I'm posting this video clip where Aaron is adorable and I'm, well, not adorable. Or showered.

He takes a minute to get going, but check out our little guy's giggle. Makes me giggle myself!


Aunt Janet said...

He definitely is a very happy baby and how could he not be with all the attention he gets. You two must have a blast with him every day. Just keep those pics and movies coming. Someday Aaron can look back at all of this and truly know how much his mommy and daddy love him.
Love ya all,
Aunt Janet

Cousin Bobbie said...

I can't believe how much he has changed since Christmas! I have my own laptop now thanx to my mom so I can always get on and look at how adorable Aaron is and remember how much I miss all of you!!! I can't wait till the warm weather comes around so I can come and visit! I Love you all sooooo much. Give Aaron tons of hugs and kisses for me!!! See you soon!