Friday, January 4, 2008

Holiday Roundup

Well, we survived. I've never been so glad to see the holiday season come to a close. I did have a few moments where I could focus on what's really important, and we did have a lot of quality time with friends and family. But it was all a little crazy. Maybe good crazy, but still crazy. Here's the recap...
First was our trip to Cincinnati. Aaron travelled amazingly well, sleeping for the whole car ride both ways. He's such a good baby. We were privileged to witness the marriage of Isaac and Christy (and see many of our family camp friends and other church families who we haven't seen in ages), then spent the afternoon with Sarah's siblings and nieces. This was the first time they had met Aaron, and they spoiled him rotten with lots of gifts. We think it's funny that the person who had no idea that Christmas was even happening is the one who got the most stuff.
Niece Laura said we should have had twins so she and her sister, Deborah wouldn't have to fight over who got to hold him.
Here's the whole crowd - (L-R) Dave, Laurah, Sarah, Janet (holding Aaron), Mike, Deborah, and Michelle. Gradma Lynn (now known as Grammie) and her fiance Gary (now known as Papaw) were busy in the kitchen fixing a delicious steak dinner for all of us!
Aaron's cousin Bobbie also came to visit, but left before our group photo. She's a natural with babies, and Aaron loved cuddling with her.Every kid should have an Aunt Janet. She is the queen of spoiling (I guess right after Grandmas Lynn and Shirley - they've got spoiling Aaron down to a science, too.) Grandma Lynn found a Santa outfit for Aaron, minus the hat, but thanks to Aunt Janet, the ensemble was complete. We had our own little Santa Clause for Christmas.

Christmas day we were back in the Chicago area, spending the day with Grandma Shirley and crew. As always, the Trost-Rekich girls couldn't keep their hands off baby Aaron. Neither could Auntie Sara Christine... or Grandma Shirley...or anyone else! The poor kid definitely got handled....and after a bit, he was just overdone. Check out the fat lip he's giving Jim and Michelle.The boys give Grandma "thank-you kisses" for all the work she did to make the day special.Daddy finally got in a few Christmas cuddles...

...and so did Mama.

We had a few days to relax before our New Year celebrations began, but we'll save that for a future post. Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, too!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories! Aaron makes an adorable Santa, and you caught him laughing for the camera - how cute!! Glad you had a nice holiday!