Monday, January 7, 2008

Holiday Roundup II

Our last post caught you up on part one of our zany holiday... but there is more!

First was a visit from Aaron's Uncle Bill on the 26th. We had a great time sharing a meal with him, catching up on what's been happening in his life. Aaron is the first baby Bill has ever held, and he proudly boasts that Aaron has never cried on his watch. :-)

Next came a weekend visit from the Wood family, all the way from Cincinnati. We see the Woods every August at Family Camp, so this was a special treat to see them mid-year. Of course, we know they only came to see Aaron, but we can't blame them. He's really darn cute. We enjoyed having them stay with us for a few days - especially having all those extra hands to hold our baby. Sarah babysat for Katie and Megan when they were little, so it was a full circle moment to watch them entertain my little guy.

The Wood's left us at about 1pm on Sunday afternoon, just in time to make room for Grandpa Lloyd and Linda. They brought us a wonderful gift... dinner! We so enjoyed spending the evening with them, and Aaron got to play Santa one more time (the outfit has limited lifespan, so we milked it for all it was worth). Who knew Santa needed a binkie?

Finally came New Year's, which we celebrated with friends Lou and Ann and their extended family. Here's how Aaron spent most of the party...

Happy 2008! We know it will be a year of firsts for us: first steps, first birthday, maybe even first words. We're excited to watch Aaron experience all of these things. Hope your year holds lots of promise, too.


Rebecca said...

Cheers to a fabulous 2008! (Now where's my glass of champagne?)

Sittintall said...

My goodness you guys had lots of company over the holidays. It's a wonder, Aaron wasn't asleep more of the time. I'd be tuckered out.