Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally a word from Dad....

I thought I'd be sharing my birthday with my son, but no! He gets his very own special day to celebrate. Which day will it be?
I'm currently looking at a Certificate of Birth that is incomplete:
This______day of______, 2007
Time: _____________

I really hope the Lord enjoys watching the anticipation Mom and Dad feel as we try to figure the exact day of birth. The labor scenario has been running in my head. Everytime I would talk to Sarah this past week from work, I was sort of expecting something like this:
Mike: Hi Honey! How is your day going?
Sarah: Fine. Just wanted to let you know that my water broke, the midwife, an ambulance, two firetrucks and the neighbors are here. I'm about to deliver! GET HOME NOW!!!

But, No. That did not happen and I must be "paysniff" (patient) and wait with eager anticipation.

As I told a co-worker this week, I'm excited to know what the story will be...

(as the Lord smiles on me and says I already know - ha ha ;-)


Sittintall said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog! I am so glad to find it through Rebo's new blog. Anyway, your picture in the top right corner is great. I wish you lived close by, we could use a good photographer. Anyway, we are waiting with baited breath for the good news. I'm sure you are a little more anxious than I though. He will be a very blessed baby to have the both of you as parents. Prayers are with you.

Sarah said...

How wonderful to read all about your soon-to-be-here blue bundle!

I found the link to your blog through Rebo's. I love the pic you have of the two of you - it's just BEAUTIFUL! You are beautiful Sarah!

Congratulations on your growing family! Can't wait to see him and know his name! ( :

-Sarah VB

Anonymous said...

wow! that's so great! hey, guess what! I'm pregnant! :) mark is very excited - i'm still getting used to the nausea and stuff again - but know that this is good. anyway see ya later! amy frico

Topher, Tina, and Linnea said...

Congratulations on the birth of your son! He is very cute...we can't wait to see more pictures, as I am sure you have taken many.