Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day cards

Every time I stand in the card aisle of the grocery store, I think to myself, "Next time, I'll just make something!" But then life gets busy and the next special event rolls around and I'm again staring at a rack of cards at the store. But no more! I'd seen handmade cards pop up in the galleries of several scrapbooking sites, and finally decided to take the plunge into hybrid (that's the "technical" name for projects that mix digital design tools and paper products). There are some really great templates out there to help make these lovely cards, and I was feeling inspired. Here are two cards I made for Father's Day:

This one was for my dad, and was made to be a replica of his pilot's uniform.

And this one went to Mike's dad. These papers and elements are from Junior by Graham Like the Craker (follow the link to visit her store).

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Rebecca said...

The blog makeover is so great!!! I love the bright, fun colors. I like the new area on the right, "More than a Hobby" and noticed the new Graham blinkie right away. Very nicely done!