Thursday, January 28, 2010

[overheard] no. 2

Two-year-olds say the funniest things!

holding his toy cell phone

A: Can we call Jesus?
Mama: Of course we can, he loves to talk to you!
A: Where is Jesus?
M: Jesus is in heaven, with his Daddy.
A: Where's my daddy?
M: Daddy's at work.
A: I miss my daddy!

Aaron and Mama are downstairs eating breakfast. Baby Susannah is upstairs sleeping in mama's bed. Baby sister wakes up and begins crying, so big brother runs up the stairs to comfort her. He climbs up onto the bed next to her...
A: Susannah's crying, Mama?
M: Yes, she's a little sad.
turning to his sister and stroking her hair
A: I know, I know... you miss Daddy, too!

Mama is sitting on the couch nursing Susannah. Aaron climbs up next to her and puts his hand on her "milk."
A: Look, mama! I'm feeding her!!

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Anonymous said...

kids do say the darndest things! You have got to love the brillant innocence!