Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Turning Two

Dear Aaron,

Where has the year gone? I feel like it was just weeks ago that I was baking carrot cake cupcakes and hanging the birthday banner to celebrate turning one. And now you're already two?!? From what I hear, the years fly by faster and faster from here, so I'd better get used to it.

Just like I did a year ago, I feel a little sad today. My baby boy is another step closer to being all grown up. There have been so many times this year that I've wished I could bottle you up and keep you this age forever. Your energy and enthusiasm for life just astound me (wish I could bottle that up, too!), and the speed at which you're learning new concepts is mind-boggling. You have brought joy unimaginable to our lives, Aaron, and that joy seems to be growing right along with you.

A quick look at my big boy...
  • Your imagination is blossoming. One minute, Aaron the boy is playing with his Duplo blocks and building towers or houses, and the next minute I have Aaron the doggie scooting around on all fours, barking wildly. I love watching you use your creativity during playtime!
  • Coloring is a new favorite activity, too. Your favorite things to draw are circles (you call them "mickeys," since they look like Mickey Mouse) and you are always picking up crayons, pens, and markers to scribble here and there.
  • You've finally settled on Spicey Cat and your white blankie as bedtime buddies. I had to buy a second blankie that is identical so we could keep one in the wash rotation and always have a clean one on hand. Of course, your binkie is still your best friend, too.
  • Baseball, baseball, baseball is all you talk about some days! Daddy picked out a t-ball set for your birthday, and you headed outside with Dad and Grandpa Lloyd last night to play a few innings. When the sun finally disappeared and you had to come in, there were a lot of big tears, and the first toy you asked for when you woke up this morning was your baseball bat.
  • You're vocabulary and language skills are unbelievable. We call you our little copycat because you so frequently repeat whatever we say.
  • Broccoli is one of your favorite foods. Sometimes I wonder if you're really my kid. :-)
  • You're a dancing and singing machine! Current favorite tunes include "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "You Lifted Me Out" (you call it the woh woh song) by Chris Tomlin, and anything Wiggleworms. We sing a lot in the car, and I love hearing your little voice belt out a melody.
There are a million little details I wish I could record about who you are right now, but that would make this one very long letter. Instead, I'll just say again how much you are loved, how special you are to us, and how our family wouldn't be the same without you. Life is changing fast, little guy, and in just a few weeks you'll be a big brother, so I'm soaking in these final days of just the three of us.

Today I'm praising God for letting me be your mama, for bringing such a special boy into my life, and for giving me the tools I need to help grow you in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. As Daddy said to you at dinner earlier this week, "You're the most wonderful boy I know!" I couldn't agree more!!!

Hugs and kisses to my favorite two-year-old,

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Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Aaron! Oh, I've loved watching you grow up on this blog, and treasured the moments when I've been able to see your smiles and wrap my arms around your adorable, goofy, loving self. Love you!