Saturday, September 26, 2009

From D-Land

So here's a short letter to Aaron.
(thanks for the encouragement Auntie Rebo)

Your mom is an excellent writer and has done an amazing job at documenting your life. I am about one hundred blog posts (updates from Daddyland) behind and I apologize.

God has really blessed our family and allows Momma to work from home and take care of you. Daddy sometimes feels disconnected as I leave for work early in the morning, before you wake up and return later that evening. Please know that it brings me great joy when I call momma several times a day from work and check-in on the two (three) of you. Momma always provides updates on all your silly (and sometimes not-so-silly) behavior. We discuss the new words you have started to say and how many time-outs you have.

I recognized a few weeks ago, the significant amount of time you spend with your mom. When you and I were out for a walk, you turned to me and said something like,"c'mon momma." I did not have the heart to correct you. I just let the moment sink-in and smile with true joy.

My sweet boy, I must tell you, your playfulness makes me laugh...a deep, rich hearty laugh. I really enjoy making you laugh hysterically usually by spinning you around and then tickling you.
I love going for walks in the neighborhood with you and going to our special place - "yucky water",to look for "froggies" that jump in the water as we approach them and watching you pick up little rocks and throw them in the water. You wind-up like you are going to throw the rock across the pond but it usually goes about 12 inches away.

I love raising you and I am grateful to God for you. More posts to come (from Daddyland).

Love Always,

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Rebecca said...

Way to go, dad!! Loved hearing some memories from your perspective.