Monday, February 23, 2009

He's not a baby anymore

Every day brings a fresh reminder that our sweet, tiny baby has grown into an energetic, talkative toddler. Experienced parents are always commenting on how fast they grow up, but until you live it yourself, it sounds like an overused cliche. Take it from me, it's all too true.

Today marks Aaron's 17th month. He's a boy who loves to dance, with or without music; he's learned new signs (music, light, elephant, bath) as well as new words (mama - finally! - cheese, read, please, "Jakey"); he's still napping twice a day, which I hear is not normal for a boy this age, but for which I'm very thankful; his love of swimming long outlasts his ability to regulate his own body temperature; and Spice the cat is his new best friend and the lovey I think he's finally settled on for good. In a word, he's AMAZING. And I'm so glad he's mine. :-)


Janny said...

mmmm, I had one that took two naps until Kindergarten.

scaccogirl said...

This photo is just too precious for words... But you know that. :)