Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Family Fun!

Our recent weekends have been a flurry of activity! We had 5 weekends in a row of birthday parties, plus weddings, visiting friends, and family portrait sessions (taking advantage of the beautiful fall colors we're seeing right now!). For the first time in a LONG time, we looked at the calendar and realized there was nothing written in the little boxes for Saturday or Sunday. Yipee! We've made the most of it by tackling some chores at home as well as enjoying the quiet time together. My favorite activity from the weekend was yesterday's trip to our health clubs indoor swimming pool. They have a zero-depth area that's perfect for little swimmers, and our little guy loves the water. We had so much fun splashing around together. Now that the weather is cooling off and outdoor time is becoming more and more limited, I hope we'll make this a regular part of our family's weekend plans.

1 comment:

Sarah VB said...

Oh, how fun! Looks like everyone was enjoying the water.

Now, one of these days we need to set up one of those calendar squares of yours to say "get together with Sarah and Ella" (;

Hopefully soon!