Monday, October 20, 2008

12 for 12!

Looking back, I'm glad I did it. It was a challenge, for sure, but photographing Aaron once a month has been a sweet way to catalog his first year. I know I'll appreciate having these photos in the years to come (hopefully he will, too, and he won't be too upset that I showed his cute little tush so often :-)

So here they are, the very last images of our one year project. He's been getting more and more difficult to photograph, since he's always more interested in playing with the props and running around like a crazy man that getting his picture taken. He's challenged me to get past my pre-designed ideas of what the month's photo should look like, and just capture who he is. This month was no different. I had the outfits laid out, balloons in coordinating colors, and I knew exactly what I wanted everything to look like. Of course, Aaron had his own ideas, and had a blast grabbing the balloons and running full out towards the camera. His giggles were hilarious, and these "imperfect" pics really capture his spirit at this age.

Enjoy! I'm not sure how often we'll be doing official portraits from here on out... but don't worry, he's not going to be under-documented any time soon. :-)


Topher, Tina, Linnea & Sofia said...

Great pics Sarah....although they are somewhat expected! He is such a little man.
On another note our Target has started carrying the BumGenius in the store, you may want to check there if you ever need to buy more. What detergent do you use on you diapers?

Beth said...

Nice job. I am so excited to see the growth of Aaron. It has been fun to compare the pictures of Aaron with Joe.

maryrudolph said...

Amazing pictures...what special moments!! You are an amazing photographer - even your pictures that aren't what you expected are so great. But then again, you have a pretty good looking subject matter to work with too :)

Aunt Janet said...

Oh my gosh! Those are awesome pictures! You will never take a bad picture of Aaron. He is a beautiful (handsome) child.
I am so glad that we got to celebrate with you and Mike, Aaron's first birthday. Thank you so much for inviting Bobbie and I. I will now have to update my baby Aaron pics around the house with Crazy Man pics.
Love ya all bunches and bunches!

Rebecca said...

I love the balloons!! Very cute.