Monday, August 4, 2008

10 month portraits

This boy sure is growing! I weighed him last week during our regular chiropractic visit, and he topped the scales at 18 pounds, 5 ounces. That's a big jump from early July, so all the extra meals and snacks must be working.

I know we're a few weeks behind on the official monthly portrait, but it's been a busy summer. And he's getting harder to photograph by myself, which means waiting for a weekend when Mike is home, or, as was the case today, having a friend come over to baby wrangle for me (thanks, LeAnn!). He's just too mobile to sit still for long. :-) Today we witnessed the longest independent stand-up he's done so far. He just let go of the toy box and stood there for a good long while. I wonder if his first steps will happen before next month's official portrait does.

This little airplane was mine as a kid, and Aaron has re-purposed it as a walker. He'll stand next to the propeller and push the wings, making the airplane go backwards as he walks forward. He'll zoom back and fourth across the living room, crying for someone to turn him the other way when he hits the wall or chair. We tried to get a picture of him standing that way, but he just wanted to push the plane, and got mad when we wouldn't let it move.

And, of course, I really wanted to show off his new walking skills. He'll be letting go of my fingers really soon (too soon!).


Rebecca said...

guess it's time to double-check all that baby-proofing... looks like it won't be long at all before Aaron's running circles around you!

Sarah VB said...

So cute! LOVE that smile! Sarah, you definitley do have a gift for choosing the perfect outfit and background combos. Your little guy's gonna have quite the portfolio by the time he's one!

Aunt Janet said...

Oh my gosh...I knew it. I said the next time I got to see that little rascal he would be walking.
He is adorable!!!!

I am running out of room to display his pictures here. I guess I can retire the baby pics and start with the more recent ones. You have taken such wonderful pictures that I hate to put them away. Sears, JCPenny, etc can not come close to what you have captured in pictures since Aaron was born. You are awesome!

Hugs and Kisses to all!