Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aaron!

Dear Aaron,

When Dad and I welcomed you into our family three years ago, we had absolutely no idea what we were in for. No idea that the sweet little baby face we stared into that night would grow into a bouncing ball of energy that could not be contained. No idea that you would so quickly learn the art of temper tantrums and parental manipulation. No clue that it would be such a battle to train you to listen and obey what we asked of you. We also had no idea how wonderful it would be to hear you call us Mama and Daddy, and to watch you grow into such a  spectacular little boy.

I asked you a few questions after dinner last night in an attempt to capture Aaron at three. Here's what you said:

  • My best friend is: James and Eli and Jakey and Tyler and Myles and Molly and Sam...
  • My favorite food is: Mastacolli and mapyle syrup and pancakes.
  • My favorite color is: blue
  • For fun, I like to: cook and play guitar
  • My favorite song is: Get Back Up (by Toby Mac)
And as I though more about the things that make you you, here's the list I made:
  • You love diggers and dump trucks and anything else that's big and has wheels.
  • Your sense of humor is second to none. Your giggle alone can make me laugh, but when you're doing silly dances or making up your own funny words, you can get the whole room rolling with laughter. 
  • Spicey Cat is your sleepy time friend, and you're still "borrowing" your sister's pink blanket, plus a white one of your own.
  • You're a super fast runner, and athletics, like most everything else, seems to come easily to you.
  • You have more energy than we know what to do with.
  • You love his sister like crazy. It's been a big transition for you this year, going from only to oldest, but you have surprised us all with your genuine affection for Susannah and the way you care for her. You're an AWESOME big brother!

There are so many special things about your three-year-old self that I would like to bottle up and keep forever, but I know that I can't simply describe you with a laundry list of your likes and habits. You have a spark, Aaron, and I see it every time you smile and your eyes light up. There is something deep inside you that's just beginning to take shape, and I'm so very excited to have a front row seat to watch you grow.

You are loved, little Bear, more that you can ever imagine. Being a super sentimental mom, I know I'd better stop now before I get all weepy over this birthday. I am so thankful for the privilege of being your mama, and excited to see the adventures that await us in the year ahead. Happy Birthday, Aaron!!!


Theresa Mazurowski said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Aaron! Sarah that was simply beautiful!!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! Love you!

Sittintall said...

What a beautiful little love note to your birthday boy!! I hope he has a great birthday. He looks like such a fun kid.

maryrudolph said...

Cute post! There's defintely some family reseblance between your two kids! Little boys are great...I agree :)