Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day at Navy Pier

Office life can get a little stressful, so Mike decided to take last Friday off and get some R&R. We had a long wish-list of all the family outings we wanted to cram into a few short days - days lounging at the pool or a trip to the beach at Lake Geneva - but when we woke up on Friday morning, it was overcast and slightly chilly. Definitely NOT swimming weather. Instead, we headed downtown to Navy Pier, to meet up with a few of Mike's family members in from out-of-town. When we told Aaron we were going to ride on a big ferris wheel, his immediate reply was "I'm probably going to be scared!" But he wasn't at all! In fact, Mama was the only one who's slight fear of heights was triggered (don't ask me about the sleepless night I had, thanks to nightmares about falling from high places). But all in all, it was a spectacular day of family togetherness. Hooray for taking the day off, Daddy!

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A day at Navy Pier! It had been years (decades!) since either Mike or I had visited this Chicago landmark, so when Mike’s Aunt Stephanie, cousin Nick, and Grandma Maz said they were headed to the lakefront, we jumped at the chance to join them.The highlight of our day was riding the gigantic ferris wheel and taking in the gorgeous views of downtown. A walk to the end of the pier and dinner at the Billy Goat Tavern (where Aaron had a great view of the tall ship coming in and out of the dock) rounded out this fun-filled day.

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