Sunday, July 25, 2010

[overheard] no. 4

I must start writing things down more. I know there have been three or four moments this week when I collapsed in giggles at what came out of Aaron's mouth, but darned if I can remember most of it now that I'm sitting at my computer to get it recorded. Here's a little taste of his hilarity.

Before lunch, the prayer went like this:
Aaron:"Dear God, 
Thank you for food,
and our bodies,
and Rosie,and Anderson,and James and Eli
and all our blessings.
Mom: "Is James a blessing in your life?"
Aaron: "Yes, he's a gentleman!"

A new favorite expression: Holy Moly Cow!!!

And from the pool this afternoon: "Susannah is getting baptized again!"

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maryrudolph said...

Her face is so gorgeous. I haven't seen a picture of her in awhile. What a lovely little girl!