Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 3 month Birthday, Susannah!

Aaron and Daddy headed to the grocery store this morning, leaving Zannah and I time for some picture fun. :-)

"She is so perfectly round," one friend said about her last week. So true.

"well mama i think you and i are officially over the hump of new motherhood-of-two! yahoo!" wrote another friend, whose baby is just four weeks older than Susannah. Thank goodness.

"I wuv my cute wittle sisser,'" says Aaron. Melt.

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maryrudolph said...

All three are so precious! I love the one in the red diaper :) Why don't they make cute ones for boys?!
I'm impressed you're over the new motherhood-of-two hump...I think it took me at least a year...sometimes I wonder if I'm over it yet :)
Good job, mama of two, they are both so precious!