Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seventh Inning Stretch

Where has April disappeared to? We've been busy doing battle with sleepless nights, food allergies, and teething pains, so it's all a bit of a blur for us. But we've missed you, bloggy friends, and hope this post will make up for the tiny time-out we took from blogging.

It hit me hard last week that Aaron is seven months old. Closer to his first birthday than the actual day of his birth. Can you believe we've gone from this...

To this?

He's hit the fast-forward button this month, crawling all over the place with his funky comando crawl, and is working hard to get the hands-and-knees version down. He spends most of his floor time rocking back and fourth on all fours... just can't figure out how to propel forward.

We've had some other firsts this month - first fever and first food-induced rash. Both are related to the teeth that are trying to come in (we can't see them yet, but the drool all over everything is a good clue that they're coming soon). We tried sweet potatoes early last week, which he LOVED, but they, unfortunately, do not love him back. He spiked a fever later that evening, and was covered in hives by the next morning. Yes, we'll pass on the spuds for a while.

Here's one more of this month's portraits. Springtime in Chicago can only mean one thing... BASEBALL! I actually had both a Cub's hat and a Cincinnati Reds cap for this shoot, but Aaron wanted nothing to do with the Reds. He knows he's a Chi-boy. :-)


Aunt Janet said...

Thank you for the Thank you card. I received it in the mail today. I really liked the part of the "Aaron's box". I am glad that he likes the fish bowl. As you know there are many more toys, clothes, books and what not's to come.

I can't believe how time has flown. Aaron is growing so fast. You can see the changes. His hair is lightening up and his facial features are changing. Before you know it he will be walking.

Love and miss ya all and can't wait for our next visit.
Aunt Janet

Rebecca said...

Wow, look at how much he's changed in those laundry basket photos! He gets cuter every day. Aaron, I can't wait to see you again and flirt with you in person. Oh, those baby blues are just irresistible!!

Sittintall said...

Hope this month is better for you. I don't envy those testing food times. He sure is a looker. Have a great week!