Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jude Clark

Jude was born on January 3, but I just got updated photos from his mom, Gretchen, and can't stop smiling. Seems like just yesterday Gretch and I were college students together, playing "sleeping bag wars," throwing cereal at each other in the hallway outside Gamma 10, or listening to Over The Rhine cds over and over. But that was ten years ago. We're not 19 anymore, we're 30 (technically, I'm still 29 for a few more months :-). What a blessing that the sisterhood we shared all those years ago has remained and grown. Now we share in the sorority of motherhood.
I'm getting a glimpse of how quickly life is going to pass. I think it only gets faster now that there are children to mark time with.


Sarah said...

Oh, wow! How cool to see Gretchen's little guy! I didn't even know she had one! I can't believe she's a mommma now ~ but I know she'll make a very good one. Just like you, Sarah. (:

Rebecca said...

Did you really just blog about sleeping bag wars? hehee! (Wait, what's that on the ceiling? Are those CEREAL boxes?)

Sittintall said...

I didn't even know Gretchen was pregnant either! What a cutie. You'll have to tell her congrats from me. Like the name too.