Thursday, November 8, 2007

A visit to the office...

Aaron and I stopped in this afternoon to visit my coworkers at the photography studio. Everyone was so excited to meet our cutie-pie... and of course take a few snaps of him.

We continue to settle into this new lifestyle parenting has brought. Our big weekend excitement? Walkin' to the mailbox on Friday night (and, no, that's not the name of some cool new band that played downtown). But while we aren't catching any exciting rock shows or dining out at any fancy restaurants, the smiles and coos we get from Aaron are all the entertainment we need for now. He's definitely becoming more interactive - a great reward for all the hard work we've been putting in at diaper changes and midnight feedings.


Rebecca said...

I can hardly wait to hold this little cuddle bug myself! 5 days and counting!!!

Sarah said...

Welcome to parenthood! Yes, life definitely does change, doesn't it? Good thing God makes them so cute so that we are willing to go through what we do for them, right?

Aaron is getting to be such a little man already - what a beautiful little guy! I love seeing all of the pics and how much he changes through the weeks. Tell Rebo to give him an extra cuddle from me! (: