Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy (expectant) Mother's Day! We had a great day celebrating family... first a surprise mother's day gift from Mike and "Guido" (our nickname for the little one, in case you didn't know). Mike said Guido told him what to buy, and Dad was just doing the leg work. So now I have the new Fernando Ortega CD - quiet music to play during the birth - and two books on parenting. It was a wonderful family moment, and I was overwhelmed at the gifts God has poured into my life.

We spent the afternoon celebrating birthdays and moms. A cookout in Palatine; a drive to Mike's grandma in Bridgeview; and some time to visit with his mom. A marathon day for sure, but one in which we saw God at work in us and through us. Can't ask for more.

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Rebo said...

Nice hats! Someday Guido will just love knowing what a great sense of humor his parents have.